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First Time Homebuyer Program for 2023

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Our First Time Homebuyer Program for 2023

Welcome to my First Time Homebuyers Program for 2023. 


This is your opportunity for you to understand what you need to do to make your first home purchase a reality.  

Buying your first home begins here:

When buying your first house it can appear overwhelming with a lot of information from different sources. Understanding what to anticipate can make it much more achievable, it doesn’t have to be stressful nor confusing. This First-time Home Buyer Session for 2023 will empower you understand what you need to achieve the goal and the steps you will need to take to make purchasing your home a reality. How much house you can afford and how best to finance it are just the first two steps to buying a home. You will create your own strategy to make it happen. 

In this session you will receive valuable information about:


This is an individualized session that includes our 30 minute audio session for you to listen in on the areas you need to focus on first and creating a strategy that best suits you and your goals of homeownership.  We are also including a 30-minute session with Michele Lee Occhipinti, she is a professional Realtor and Peak Performance Strategist that has worked with the top 1% worldwide and will walk you through the areas of clarity and what you need to make it happen creating your roadmap to success for your first home purchase.  

Cost is $25 and a portion of proceeds will be donated to helping those in need of housing and assistance in today's world at the Emmaus Shelter in Haverhill, Massachusetts. 

We welcome you to join in this empowering session for yourself to be a first-time homebuyer in 2023.  

Attend today.  Click the link below and complete your registration.  Receive your welcome session with audio to begin and schedule your strategy session with the peak performance strategist thereafter for a time that works well for you to get your roadmap with the professional and move forward making it a reality.  


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