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Our Intro Premier Coaching program includes 8 sessions.  Each session is for 30 minutes.  Sessions will take place via teleconference/ or zoom.  

This is a perfect program for individuals seeking to begin their journey in peak performance strategic coaching, designing the life they envision, personally & professionally.  This program can accommodate sessions for leadership and life, depending on the clients coaching requirements.     

Ack Professional's Intro Premier Coaching Program is tailored to you and your success.  Raising your standards.  

Our coaching programs are established from proven coaching systems.  


Apply below and scheduling your first session and choose the Intro Premier Coaching Package .  Once enrolled you will receive confirmation of your acceptance with a welcome package providing further instructions to schedule your remaining sessions and complete your assessments.  

Our package includes:

8 Coaching Sessions 1:1 with Ack Professional 

Ack Professional's Exclusive Water Bottle 

Ack Professional's Exclusive Journal 

Cost $1624.00   Offer through October 30th, 2022,  $1200.00

Intro Premier Coaching Program Package

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