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Effectively Use Your Power as a Leader

Updated: Jan 9

It’s important to understand each one of the types of power before applying them. Learn more on our Resources Page regarding Increasing your Influence as a Leader in Your Leadership Style. Once you understand each one, you can begin to implement ways to apply your power and initiate the following steps.

Understand your goals and the goals of your team: It’s much easier to create a plan when you know what the outcome is. Before delegating a task or project and understanding the motivating factors in your team, understand what your outcome is.

Understand your team members. It is important to know who you are speaking to and what their values are. Get to know your team members by gaining trust and providing sympathetic understanding to their goals with 1:1 meetings, casual coffee check ins, or a in a more structured employee engagement survey. Once you understand your team, you will have a better idea of which power types to use and when.

What’s your leadership style? Are you a democratic leader who listens to each individual on the team before making the decision? Different leadership styles feed into and support various types of power, think of them as a cohesive partnership for the greatest leadership.

Consistently improve your approach: You may have great success the first time you apply a new power approach. Remember if you do not have trust or repour with your team (or in sync with your integrity), it may not function as anticipated. Be open to feedback by your peers to improve moving forward.

Leverage the types of power wisely

The different types of power can give you greater influence, boost employee engagement, and achieve better results for your organization.

Knowing how to use your power is a skill that usually comes with time and experience.

However, you can accelerate the process and become a more influential leader in less time with the support of a coach. A coach that understands what you need to succeed.

Begin your journey today. Apply to our Premier Leadership program and be the world class leader you see in today's world.

Be the best version of you!

Ack Professional

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