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Focus on Incantations for Your Peak Performance

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

One of my favorite routines to begin my day and I often recommend to my clients is the use of positive incantations.

Some people ask .. Why an Incantation rather than an Affirmation?

Incantations are about expressing the meaning behind the words, which contributes to the empowering experience. When using your own personalized incantation, not only are you speaking words of empowerment, but you are also using your emotion within your body and the feelings you

experience with that incantation. Allowing the Incantation to change your mindset to a more positive one. Empowering you to power through. Providing a new perspective to begin the day.

In an affirmation, you repeat the phrase to yourself, embedding it into your mind, until you believe it is true... An incantation amplifies an affirmation. When saying an incantation, the key is to get in tune with the emotion you want to experience when providing the statement, you are saying.
Affirmations encourages you but it will not carry the power of emotion and the empowering transformation an incantation will. If the person does not say the incantation with full emotion out loud and does not actually believe in its powers what is being said. It has to resonate with the unique individual in order to get the best experience.

Incantations are meant to echo throughout the body and mind and alter a person’s sense of self, bringing in the positive energy and instilling the confidence you need to succeed.

When beginning the day with a powerful incantation. Provide yourself the time you need and don’t rush the experience within your morning. By allowing your mind and spirit empower you with the incantation it will provide the clarity and less stress to the mind opening it up to focus on what you need to move forward in your day.

The words we use create the focus to where our mind will be. So as they say choose your words wisely when creating the incantation that is right for you.

When I trained for my first Boston marathon at 50 my incantation each day when hitting the pavement for a run was often:

I CAN, I WILL, IT MUST BE DONE! I’VE GOT THIS! And I would take off in power for my run.

When days were stressful and the run literally ran me down and I questioned my ability, I focused on:

IM SORRY, I LOVE YOU, PLEASE BELIEVE IN ME. My hands were on my heart and I would say it with pure emotion and empathy knowing I did all I could that day and the next run would be even better.

When creating the best incantation for you. USE the words that empower you. Brainstorm on the top 3 empowering words that work for you.


Then, decide on the goal(s) you seek to achieve, for each goal you have in mind take a moment to answer the following questions these will help you identify the words to use for your very own incantation:

1. What do you really want to achieve or create in your life or in your leadership?
2. What people or resources do you need to get this result?
3. How will you feel or what emotions will empower you that must be part of you for you to achieve the results you want?
Once you answer these questions for each of the goals, pick out the most important aspects and use them within the incantations you create.
My best way is to stand in an empowering pose such as a super women/man pose hands on hips focus is forward and ahead. Now in this position say..

When you decide on the words use them in an empowering sentence that resonates with you.

Say all three sentences together with passion and feel the emotion in the meaning. 3X

Use these strategies with your favorite incantation to bring the peak performance out in you and improve your life. Your leadership.

When you create your own incantation, remember when you will verbalize it with the emotion you need to feel intensely. Secondly, the incantation you create will direct your focus towards which you seek to experience.

Comment below on your favorite incantation and take the control in your life being the professional.

Say your incantation consistently each day and experience it in your mind, body and soul.

Looking to learn more on raising your performance in your life. In your Leadership. Let’s Chat and discuss what Ack Professional can do for you. Click the link in our bio.
Now go on and have an amazing day. Be the best version of YOU!

Ack Professional
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