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Open the Door to Success this Holiday Season & Throughout the Year Thrive as a Leader with Gratitude

During the holidays and this time of giving. Are you showing gratitude to those that support you?

As a leader are you truly expressing gratitude to the staff that supports you in your vision.

Are you just saying it or actually expressing it. Providing empathy and care and authenticity sharing it with them?

Studies have shown when your employees and team feel appreciated and valued they will stay with you many going above and beyond and exceling in their duties.

Sending gifts without expressing the words of gratitude authentically does not provide the impact and care needed. Empathy is the top trait in the greatest of leaders.

The many human benefits experienced when providing gratitude include building trust, opening doors to more relationships, improving physical and psychological health, enhancing empathy, better sleep, improving self-esteem and increasing personal mental strength. Increasing productivity.

Letting your team know you care and cannot get where you are in the vision without them. They are an important piece to the mission and is important for your success as a leader and the business you lead.

Take a few minutes to show your appreciation to your family, friends but also to those you lead with authentic gratitude to the people that support you. Simply saying thank you for the work you completed on a certain

project can go a long way in today’s world.

Simple ways you can show gratitude:

1. Take a few minutes to speak to them directly and let them know their efforts have not been left unnoticed and are important to the mission. If you meet virtually provide your thanks in a 1:1 meeting.

2. Acknowledge their greatness by announcing their efforts to others when others see the support, they see from the leader for the efforts they provide it can leave a wave of appreciation to all in the room.

3. Gifts of appreciation are nice but it’s the words you use that people focus on so use the words that empower and bring out the best, representing you to connect with the individual. Write a sincere note thanking them. Comment below on words you use to be thankful and show your appreciation.

4. Volunteer your efforts together as a team providing help for those that need your support to make a difference and receive gratefulness as a group and be thankful to the group as a whole.

5. Create a designated space for employees to share words of gratitude and thanks. This can be a virtual space, literal wall or whiteboard in a common area, a shared online platform that everyone can access, like a company intranet or internal newsletter. Be creative! Ask them in team meetings who would like to share a moment or a person on the team this week to be thankful for.

Showing Gratitude at Work Helps Organizations Thrive in Changing Times.

With workers becoming disengaged and leaving their jobs in droves during the Great Recession, now more than ever, organizations need leaders who can show authentic empathy in the workforce, communicate effectively, and create a place of safety at work. When leaders are not providing gratitude or displaying low levels of trust it makes it challenging for leaders to create a shared vision, motivate their employees to collaborate together successfully, and retain talented, engaged employees.

Leaders that are naturalists and adept at showing authentic kindness in the organization can improve its culture. Organizations can boost employee engagement, motivation, productivity, and of course retention as well as their health and overall fulfillment when a leader expresses their gratitude at work.

When dealing with uncertain time such as we are in today’s world. Showing gratitude in the workplace is important to initiate the change because as we all know change is constant and can’t be done alone when reaching success in a business. The greatest leaders display sensitivity to their people’s needs and is closely linked to emotional intelligence and the effectiveness of the leader.

When gratitude is used effectively it can bring your team closer many working harder towards the mission being resilient and creative in uncertain times helping the business thrive. When an employee feels valued it increases their inner good emotions raising their performance at which in turn they seek to receive more recognition.

Don’t just show gratitude during the holidays show it all year long. Remember it’s never the gift it’s the thought that counts show your thoughts and appreciation to others this holiday and throughout the year.

Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated; it is one of the deepest and most basic human needs, and extensive research clearly demonstrates both the business and human benefits of showing gratitude in the workplace. Leaders need to recognize and prioritize their personal efforts to consistently show sincere appreciation and gratitude toward their people, and they need to foster a culture of gratitude throughout the organization, where all employees feel responsible for and empowered to recognize each other for the good each of their team members provide.

Sincere and consistent employee recognition leads to higher levels of individual employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity, which drives greater organizational innovation and performance.

What are some of the ways you show your gratitude as a leader? Comment below on the words you use to be thankful and show your appreciation. Opening the door to your success.

Looking for more ways to develop your leadership and build your culture for success? Connect with me.

Be the best leader you can be. Take the time to enjoy the holiday season being appreciative for what surrounds you.

Be the best version of YOU!

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