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Ways to Level Up in Your Life and Leadership to Be the Best Version of You

Working with many individuals from around the world I always like to tell my clients to hold their expectations and standards high when working with me.

Assuring I am leading by example in my own life constantly raising my standards and setting those standards high. It keeps us both accountable as we move forward in the arrangement allowing us to progress forward achieving the best outcome.

Progression is an attribute we all need in life without it we are stagnant. Allowing each of us to provide continuous progress in your life will allow you to find fulfillment. It’s constantly improving the ways you can be better in your leadership and life.

Clients that come to me for coaching that have not taken the initiative to progress in their life professionally or personally tend to show signs of depression, that may lead to other mental health issues for instance addiction down the road.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve in our leadership and life. Leading the people around you, and the success of your business is directly tied to your awareness, decisiveness, empathy, trust and many other leadership qualities you hold as a great leader. Holding the standards high in your direct reports while also remaining high within yourself.

How can you provide the progress you seek to achieve in yourself & level up in your life professionally & personally to assure fulfillment?

Consistently looking at the areas that need improvement in you and leveling up to where you are as an individual to be fulfilled in your goal based on your standards.

People can find themselves in their comfort zone unable to break free for the fear the uncertainty will bring from the progress they seek to achieve. In order for us to improve in our lives we all need a deep desire to do so. A commitment to get it done and follow through with what we truly want for ourselves not what others are awaiting you to do or what is easy for you but facing the challenge and making it a reality.

Regardless of what area(s) you feel are not progressing whether that be financial, physical, health, mentally, business, career, spirituality, relationships or otherwise.

What area do you need to level up your game for lasting change? It all begins with you taking the commitment to make the change, below I will share ways you can begin to level up in your life and leadership to be the best version of you.

Ways you can increase your life fulfillment and level up and progress to where you want to achieve in life.

In life, how do you level up your game for lasting change? It all begins with an internal shift, and commitment to make that shift.

Below are ways you kickstart your level up journey:

1.) Evaluate Your Life

Begin by evaluating the areas in your life and your level of fulfillment. If you are not consistently meeting a 10 in these areas it means you need improvement. Many clients come to me with a 9 or 10 in certain areas unsure they need to raise there standards and then I walk them through a coaching session and the excitement realizing where they can improve even more and how easily it can be achieved it simply amazing!

Kate one of real estate clients was so excited when she reached her first sale of $3M when I asked her what she needed to do for the next level of achievement was that she would aim to achieve to be a 10 and above she raised it to $5M. It amazing when you raise them how you can hold yourself accountable with the right strategy to get there.

A great tool I use with my clients to help navigate that process is the wheel of life, as it creates a clarified picture of the areas in life that need improvement for each individual client.

Visit our website to learn more on the Wheel of Life and understand the areas you need to improve to be fully fulfilled in your life.

2. Decide Which Achievement to Level Up on the Achievement

It’s easy to set goals, but when your fear arises and overwhelms you, you discover more of who you truly are. The goal itself is just the outcome, but to achieve the goal, you must decide on a strategy, create plans, and execute them efficiently.

As I created next level goals for myself, in my health and vitality to run my first marathon I was building on my existing life and what inspired me. Understanding your purpose is essential to your success as you understand what standards to raise, your career will grow, confidence and courage level up and are constantly syncing to conquer that purpose.

When leveling up in life it pushes you beyond your comfort zone. You may not get it right the first time but with that comes growth and opportunity to be a better person next time. Making you stronger and more resilient than ever before. Without growth we are null and void.

When each area in your life on the wheel of life is a 10 or above that is where you are in peak performance for your life. Continuing to reevaluate and raise the standards to be the best version of you.

Then, create a strategy that works for you.

What makes someone a great leader is one that makes the top decisions accurately. You are rewarded as a leader to make those tough decisions. Being clear on what is needed and developing a strategy to get there. Focusing on the outcomes, options and consequences when reaching those decisions.

Ways to begin leveling up in your leadership begin with:

1. Consistent Feedback

The best way to discover how you can improve your skills as a leader is to ask your direct reports and those that work around you. Your employees will have the best advantage point for observing your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Consistent open honest feedback.

A survey on how employees feel about your leadership and your company can include questions about leadership performance, providing you with tremendous insight into how you're doing as a leader, and where you can improve. Consider what is going well and what needs to be improved and build a strategy to get there.

3. Communicate Effectively

Mastering language and communication skills is what sets some truly great leaders apart. Take absolute responsibility for how your employees understand you, hear you, without criticizing or judgment. Providing certainty in your language opening opportunity to build trust with your team.

If you find yourself in a criticizing state, take a minute to pause, step away if necessary. Focus on what has worked in the past for you to move forward in this position and build a strategy to get there. A strong leader finds ways to respond constructively and calmly providing emotional mastery.

4. Build Trust

Disingenuous communication and insincere behavior can destroy trust and credibility. When trust is gone employees become disengaged from their work and team.

Without trust, your relationship with your team is unstable at best, and the odds of them willing to follow your leadership drop. This may not always be apparent to the leader, but your team will be aware of it.

1 in 4 workers don't trust their employer, and only about half believe their employer is open and upfront with them. This is where you need to look at your actions and processes to find opportunities to lead with integrity, following your beliefs and values improving your communication with your team building trust for them to go above the regular standard duties to want to overachieve and do more. Employees that are connected and feel apart of the mission the company provides will go above and beyond their call for duties knowing what they do truly matters.

5. Delegate and Divide

Instilling trust and then delegating to those you trust to get the job done well. One of the best skills that improves leadership is learning to delegate to the appropriate team members. Utilize your team, train them, and trust in them to do more. When you can identify their individual strengths and motivators, them allocate work accordingly, you release yourself. Employees also feel empowered because they've become a part of the mission working toward a larger goal. They feel truly valued.

6. Connect with Those That Have Succeeded

When the greatest sports team dig into footage of other teams, they're not just sizing the team up for weaknesses. The time spent watching play-by-plays empower them to learn. The coach is also learning what can be done better. Be in proximity of those that have succeeded in the area you are seeking knowledge. Learn how to do something better from someone who has a skill or strength that you don't. Whether that means a mentor or business owner of the past--or learning from lectures and conferences use them to mold and shape your own style.

The success of others, their intense experiences as well as their failures, can be an illuminating way to improve your own leadership skills quickly.

7. Inspire your team

Motivating and inspiring your team is an important part of improving your leadership game. It has a direct impact on maintaining a competitive edge and affects how your employees view your leadership.

Your employees will respond better when you encourage them to stay focused and make them feel valued. Communicate, review goals, set the standards, and incentives to those that achieve it. When you provide attaining goals a positive reinforcement, employees will be motivated and inspired to go above and beyond.

8. Discipline Productively

Dealing with difficult employees when they're struggling can be complicated, but issues need to be confronted as soon as they occur. It's much easier to find resolution and make course corrections when a problem is fresh.

Too many business owners leave "little" issues alone, but those little issues turn into habits, and habits turn into bigger problems.

When you address an issue, understand what is going well, what needs to improve, and what you need to do to make it happen. Give the employee the opportunity to explain, even if you're not looking for an explanation. Provide open, honest and respectful communication and stay true to your decision.

Be respectful to your employee at all times how you show up as a leader is how people will treat you in the long run. If the employee needs to be reprimanded do you best to provide that in a private setting. Your entire team will take notice if an employee is embarrassed publicly and it will break down trust and communication in the long run.

I invite you to ask yourself some questions.

What area are you going to increase to level up in your life?

When you accomplish this what does your level up look like to you?

Where are you in your life when it happens?

What are the actions you need to take?

How are you showing up?

When you begin to identify those key elements, you will truly create lasting transformation.

If you desire to live a life of rich nourishment, abundance, wealth, and pleasure, you must begin to think of what that looks like to you, not everyone else and intentionally create a strategy to make it happen.

Share with me below, what areas in your life do you need to level up in to be the best version of you.

What are you planning to do to improve your leadership skills? What have you tried in the past that has generated results? What do you need to do to make this happen? Share in the comments below:

As some of the worlds greatest athletes compete in the Olympics.

There’s something about observing people competing at such a high level that connects with us to want to level up and be better versions of ourselves and inspires us to be more. Inspiration won’t always get you to that place of success that you seek to achieve.

If you want to commit and truly create your next level of success, whether that means shattering a world record, starting your own business, running a marathon, changing careers, becoming a better partner, a better leader or person it will take hard work, commitment and the right coach.

Join us today and level up in your life, your leadership. Begin by scheduling a complimentary discovery session.

Be the best version of you.

Ack Professional

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