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What Does Success Mean to YOU In 2022?

Hello, my name is Michele Lee Occhipinti, CEO & Founder of Ack Professional, a peak performance leadership and life strategist maximizing your performance and ultimate fulfillment in today’s world.

Recently I was invited to be interviewed for an article on success.

Each person has a unique description for their success. There is no one size fits all in the definition.

Success is living life on your terms. Following your beliefs and values to obtain your purpose for what you want to contribute to the world, the life you envision. Being able to experience life on your terms when you want, with the people you choose, anywhere, reaching your ultimate destiny.

Everyone is unique in their own way to follow their individual path to success. Through their own values and beliefs, following their integrity. Generations have changed their beliefs on the needs to obtain success but nonetheless the process to become successful is personal following their own values and beliefs to reach the ultimate destiny for what they seek in the world.

Success in career includes more of the experience and skills acquired to fulfill their purpose.

Success in life has a lot to do with following your own needs to fulfill the purpose in life.

Both lead to the same destination but interact uniquely based on the individual.

Yes, in the past many defined success based on status in their life and financial. Now a days people are defining success on their terms. Through the pandemic many are focusing on what is essential to them in life following those values to what is important to them reaching their destination. Living the life they envision.

Success is no longer defined as career and financial prosperity. It’s defined on individual needs achieved.

Happiness is acquired based on following specific needs each individual seeks in life and is closely associated with positive emotions and sets the foundational mindset for each of our success experiences when we have a positive mindset we seek to go above and beyond and achieve more of what we seek in life.

Those with positive emotions and greater wellbeing tend to be more satisfied in their lives and thus happy.

Obtaining specific goals, they seek to achieve and outlining the path to each person's success.

Feel free to comment below on what success means to you in 2022. What will you achieve to be successful.

Remember if you are looking for success in your life seek those that have already gained the success you seek. The success they have will reveal clues for you. Thier proximity is your power to reaching the success you see in your life.

Live the life you envision in 2022. Be the best version of YOU!

Ack Professional

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