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Your Journey Through Sobriety

Join me in this coaching session as we work forward through the addiction to provide opportunities for you to open your mind to continue your sobriety journey.

Addiction as we know is a substance that meets several needs in life. Whether that substance is alcohol, drugs, shopping.. The need is not being filled in a healthy way but rather it is making the individual feel good in the short term. Likely requiring more as life goes on which then may turn into a need that fulfills more than one in the life or all, that leads the individual to continue it daily just to fur fill the needs. Think of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Self-Actualization- Morality, Creativity, Meaning and Inner potential. Diversity and change & (Purpose)

Self Esteem- Confidence Achievement and Respect of Others (Significance)

Love and Belonging- Friendship, Family, Intimacy, Sense of Connection – (Love and Connection)

Safety and Security – Health, Employment, Property, Family, and Social Ability (Certainty)

Psychological- breathing, food, water, shelter, clothing and sleep. For instance, the things that make you feel your best. (GROWTH)

Sobriety as we know is the state of being sober and continuing your own personalized journey. There is no one size that fits all.

As a world class coach working for the top 1% I have also worked for the top pharmaceutical company in the world, but I have witnessed firsthand the effects addiction can not only do to the person, to the families, the career, the life for a lifetime and throughout my coaching I have helped people move forward through addiction and continue their journey on sobriety successfully outlining the strategy. Its creating the strategy for your success.

Join me in this heartfelt session as we work through the areas that are keeping you from remaining sober and what you need to move forward in your own journey creating the right strategy its outlining what is right for you to follow your integrity and be your best self.

Now join me in a place of privacy where you can be with yourself and true inner thoughts.

Take a moment to breath.

In for 3 out for four. You may want to grab a piece of paper or pen.

Ask yourself first.

What is it that you are addicted to?

What needs are being filled with this addiction:

Physiological/ Psychological how you feel.


Connect with others love and connection.

What needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs are you filling with this addiction:

What will happen in your life if you continue with this addiction:

Loosing- gambling

Losing your confidence?

Friends' family?

What will you lose? For me I have lost my sister due to addiction. She passed over 13 years ago. It’s devastating to see the ones you love deteriorate and allow the addiction to take control of their lives.

Now, bring yourself to a place in your life when the addiction was not a part of you. When you were your true self and at your best?

How did you fill the needs you are filling with the addiction?

What actions did you take exactly.

How did you feel about yourself?

Were you confident?


Certain in the decisions you were making were right for you?

Following a routine for your success? Possibly exercising, eating healthy,

Were you surrounded and supported by people who believed in you?

Possibly working in a career you were very passionate about.

Everyone is here for a reason on this earth whether we choose to live our purpose or not. Do you understand your purpose? Your drive in life.

What will it feel like if you continue this addiction for the next year? Is that where you want to be in life? Even for the next 6 months. Losing a family member to addiction is not the reason you are here. Focus on what is essential to you.

Take control of your life.

Want to learn more on the areas of life you need to transition to be fulfilled taking the right alternatives for you to be your best self. Contact me at Ack Professional International. Working directly with you and the needs you need to fulfill living a healthy and fulfilling life one within your integrity and taking the steps you need to continue your sobriety successfully.

Thank you for joining me today. I appreciate you for showing up and listening. Listen to the audio again should that help you or schedule a discovery session directly on our website. Apply to our Signature Design the Life YOU Envision program link below.

Now pat yourself on the back knowing you got this. Go about your day.

Being the best version of YOU.

Listen to our audio session on Your Journey Through Sobriety on Aura:

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