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Join Our Next MasterMind 


Join our Founder, Michele Lee Occhipinti as goes LIVE in our Essentials to Your Success MasterClass where she will walk you through the areas for you to gain fulfillment in your life, your leadership, for you to take control. 


Being the best version of YOU!

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How are you today?  

Really … how are you?


Are you happy at where you are currently at in life?  


Do you often feel there is more but unsure what is right for you and how to get there?


Are you struggling with depression or taking alternatives to cover up your need to be fulfilled? 

Are you struggling with being a leader and 

influencing your staff?

Unsure what steps for you to take in your life? 


The chaos in today’s world is causing many of us to feel uncertain about the future.  


Take back the control in your life in my next Masterclass.  Where I will be LIVE.  Learn more on the Essentials you need to build Your Success and be your best self.  Providing personalized key steps, you can take immediately to move forward. 


Understand what you need to thrive and be fulfilled in today’s world.  There is no one size that fits all in this masterclass but rather a personalized approach for you to gain a deeper sense of self and understand more about you.  


Allowing you to outline the goals to achieve your individuated success.  I’m taking decades of experience and learnings with working directly with the top 1% worldwide and bringing this to you in the masterclass. 


Individuals that completed the Masterclass experienced the following outcomes:


  1. Increased life fulfillment.

  2. Greater sense of self.

  3. Healthier habits. 

  4. Setting clear goals that were RIGHT for them.  

  5. Increased Happiness.

  6. Decreased Stress.

  7. Creative pathways to their individualized success.

  8. Began the steps they needed to overcome depression/ anxiety.  Taking the appropriate actions to move forward from addictive behaviors.  

  9. Increased areas to influence as a Leader.

  10. Begin outlining living the life you vision.  

  11. Living within your integrity.  


Designing the life, you envision.  


Be the best version of you.  


What is Included in the Masterclass:

  • 2 Hour Masterclass with our Founder, Michele Lee Occhipinti

  • Limited Edition Essentials to Your Success Workbook.

  • Donation to nonprofit helping people in need of housing in today's world. and live the life they envision.  We will be donating to Housing Nantucket.  Learn more at:  Home - Housing Nantucket.

  • 1 - Private 30 Minute Strategy Session.



  • Gain Clarity on where you are today for you to understand and uncover where you want to go.

  • The Essentials you require to thrive and design the life you envision. 

  • Discover the unconscious behaviors and thought patterns that stall, halt, or limit growth.

  • Learn the areas that are holding you back in your success.



  • Our decisions are what create our future.  Make the right decisions for you to create the goals and take back the control in your life.  Your Leadership.  

  • Outline the essentials and move forward towards your next level of success.

Grow Your Vision

Real Experience = Real Results 


ESSENTIALS TO Build Your Success


Essentials to Build Your Success is a two-hour Signature Masterclass where you’ll learn to take back the control in your life and thrive to design the life you envision. At this event you can expect to surpass your expectations to achieve your goals and begin to take control of your life.

Next Masterclass is on Tuesday, January 16th, 2024 4:00pm to 6:00pm EST.

Cost $79.95  




Contact us at


Schedule a discovery session to speak to our trained specialist that will help you under our services. 

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