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Premier Leadership Program

Executives are the core of the organization. It defines the relationship between all other systems within the organization. You need vision, values, and strategy to give direction and purpose.  Our executive leadership development coaching focuses on empowering leaders to increase thier impact and overall life fulfillment.   Navigating the changes, you need to implement to be successful. 


Ack Professional assess' your areas of leadership and designs an individualized program that is tailored to empower you personally & professionally building your leadership capabilities and inspiring greatness in you and the individuals you lead.  Just as the world’s best athletes benefit from continual coaching, so do the greatest business leaders. 

As an exceptional leader you must influence your team, raising the standards and leading by example, assuring trust in you and your workforce for them to consistently produce phenomenal results.  

As a trusted outside advisor and strategist, we empower leaders to understand and leverage the impact of strengthening their team whether they are new in the role or a veteran in their industry.  Our coaching process is practical and will focus in real time on the leader’s most important challenges. 


​Our assessment helps us to identify areas leaders can strengthen their leadership capabilities by looking into their strengths and weaknesses and providing areas of growth so they can progress to the next level.  We utilize the assessment to outline a strategy with you for our sessions. 

Developing leaders to be their BEST professionally and personally.


Join us. 

Premier Leadership Development Program

Initial Assessment

Includes assessments and questionnaire(s) with senior leader, peers, direct reports, human resources and others as necessary.    

Customized Development Plan

Jointly developed by Coach and Leader. 

Coaching Sessions

26 sessions. These sessions can be virtually or via telephone 1:1 with Coach and Leader.  


Program is for 6 months and includes sessions weekly based on the Leaders schedule.  This can also be accommodated for a biweekly program.  

Reviews / Evaluations

Two 60 minutes face-to-face strategy session to review milestones and strategies.    

As your personal leadership coach we will be available to you for emergent communication between sessions.  

Begin by contacting us at Ack Professional and complete the assessment and confidential complimentary discovery session to discuss your next level of success.  

Cost is $5400+

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