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Boost Your Mental Health for Wellbeing

Join me in a powerful talk on mental health and take flight on opportunities you can use to boost your mindset for mental health. It is all within you.

Boost your Mental Health for Wellbeing  


Mental Health Awareness Month is amongst us recognized in the United States every year since 1949. The purpose is to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness by raising awareness. 

One out of every two people in the world will develop a mental health disorder in their lifetime, according to a large-scale study co-led by researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of Queensland. 



Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.  It affects how we think, feel and act.  It also helps to determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make healthy choices and is important at every stage of our lives. 


One of the reasons our Founder began Ack Professional International was to move people forward following their true integrity after she witnessed family, friends, and coworkers struggle with mental health through addiction.  


Michele Lee Occhipinti, is the Founder of Ack Professional International and a World-class Strategist navigating life's journey in Leadership & all aspects of life. Empowering individuals to design the life they envision by preserving their integrity, increasing their overall life fulfillment.  As we know it is up to us to be the leader of our lives. 


She speaks openly about the experiences she has witnessed in life. 


Overcoming many obstacles in life by raising the standards, following her integrity to be her best self, and helping others do the same. Life’s a journey we need to meet. 


Addiction is one of the detrimental pieces that deteriorates a person’s overall well-being and life fulfillment.  Today we have come so far in the fight against addiction and understanding how extremely important our mental health is in our lives, in our work, in our world.     


Learning from the experiences of the past in addiction and mental health it has provided greater opportunities for the future. Constantly improving in how people look to recover and find the cure that’s right for the individual.   


For those struggling with mental health.  She likes to recommend a few simple steps to help open your mindset and boost mental health: 


  1. Celebrate your achievements each day no matter how small.  The things that went well and track them by writing in a journal.  By celebrating even, the small accomplishments it opens your mind to the endorphins it releases.  Offering greater opportunity for the future. 


2. Laugh- YES often making it a must several times a day.  This also releases endorphins in your mind the feel-good feelings. 


3. Disconnect from social media and focus on ways you feel whole and grounded.  What makes YOU feel good is not what everyone else is doing.    


4. Prioritize self-love and care.  When you take care of yourself first it allows you to take care of others.  You cannot take care of others without taking care of you.   


5. Surround yourself with people that care and bring you up in life.  Let the naysayers go.  Remember when people treat you poorly it is a reflection of how they treat themselves.  They do not have your best interests in mind.  Those that support your journey and lift you up will stand tall, let them in your inner circle and show appreciation.   


6. Get out and enjoy nature.  Places where you feel calm and centered may be directly in the grass, by the ocean, in the forest, hiking wherever it is you like to be and becoming grounded.  Become grounded each day by placing your bare feet directly in the grass or lying in the grass releasing good feelings for you to feel yourself.  Let the sunshine on you.   


7. Journal.  Journal in the areas that went well each day and also ask yourself of the items that did not go as planned and what you would do differently next time.   


8. Meditate.  Mediation provides an array of benefits to connect with oneself.  Begin with gratitude, meditation and self-love.  Take care of you.   


9. If something doesn’t feel good. Don’t do it.  Listen to your intuition.  


10. Take back control in your life. Whatever it is that is holding you back. Working through the challenge, challenges are what makes us stronger in life.    Be resilient. 



For the month of May, we would like to empower individuals struggling with addiction and mental illness to get the help they deserve and not let the illness overcome them but to take control and live the life they envision by supporting the Blooming Bids for Nantucket Kids by Fairwinds Nantucket.  Learn more about Fairwinds and the support they provide at @Fairwinds 


You can also listen in on the many audio sessions with our Founder on Aura @aurahealthhq  


If you or someone you know is in need of your help support them by seeking the help they need in their journey by reaching out to those that can help them overcome.   


The more we can help in their mental health journey the better their world and our world will be.  


By contributing to the greater good and helping others succeed in life it lights up my heart and will light up yours.     


Be the best version of you. 


Ack Professional International 


Listen to our audio session

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