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Face the Fears that Surround You to Be the Best Version of You

Fear is something we all experience. Whether it is fear of the unknown with the stresses and demands of our lives. Fear of failure, fear of missing out, fear of rejection, fear of loss and all other fears that are limiting us that can be overwhelming at times.

Resilience pulls us forward. It is a driving force that guides us when we decide whether or not to choose fear and allow us to overcome our biggest challenges. It is how we confront anything head on and overcome the setbacks we face even under the most uncertain of times. When we experience fear our minds allow us to remain safe in what it has experienced in this life, to reach the new level you seek to achieve that the mind has not experienced is one that can disempower you or empower you to move forward and not remain stuck in the fear to be the best version of yourself.

Focusing on what you need to move forward and not what you need to remain stuck. Just like the athletes that train their body and mind for peak performance. Empowering your mind to reach the next level of success and training it to be the best version of you.

Steps you can take to become fearless:

1. Accept it. Accept the fear as you would a challenge you are seeking to overcome. Confronting the truth about what scares you most is an essential first step towards reclaiming the power it has held over you.

2. Take control. Our imagination is a miraculous thing. Without it, the most beautiful works within us would never exist. When fueled by fear, our imagination can drive us to underestimate our full potential and overestimate negative consequences of taking action. By transitioning our mind from a shadow into monsters, our imagination can transition us into believing that danger is around every corner and that we’re safer staying exactly where we are.

Ask yourself, What’s the worst thing that could happen? and when the fear arises. Own the fear. Take control.

Then tame the fear. What would I do if that happened? Repeat for each con or worst-case scenario you envision.

By completing this exercise, you will come to understand if the worst did happen, which is often unlikely, it will not kill you. But rather would introduce you to a new level. By providing growth you would learn more and brave what you need to be a better version of yourself. Growth provides opportunity.

3. Represent it. Braving what you need to take control of. Greatness resides in each one of us. Without exception. Represent yourself. Represent who you want to be by changing your physiology.

Begin by standing tall with your chest out in a wonder woman or a wonder man pose shoulders back, hands on your hips, head forward. Lift your chin upwards. Take three deep cleansing breaths. Feel the power of this pose as it increases your endorphins and testosterone levels, letting others know you are serious, powerful and in control. Improving your own sense of self worth. Confidence to move forward.

4. Embrace it. By simply daring to take a step in the direction that inspires you, you send a signal to yourself and to the universe that you’re serious about creating a future that is different, and better from what you have experienced in your past.

Don’t wait to be discovered. Don’t wait to be given permission. Above all, don’t wait until you’re 100% certain. There is no such thing as perfect in life. Face the uncertainty and be confident you will not fail then take the terrifying step toward the future that is waiting for you.

Start now. Outline the steps to your success and take action.

Don’t let the fear of uncertainty control you and your actions on what you see in the world. Move forward with confidence empowering your mind to reach the next level you want to achieve and be the best version of you. Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session below.

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