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Find Your Happy Place from Within

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Find Your Happy Place from Within

Life Practices Instantly Increase Your Happiness

Happiness is something we all seek in our lives.

Authentic happiness is your true natural state

It is what you feel whenever you are present in each moment

WE all wish to live our life more happy

No need to be or look outside of yourself

Focus on anyone of these elements to step back into your happy place

Each one represents a common thread amongst all world religions

1. Live Your Truth

2. Be Love

3. Appreciation & Gratitude

These are what ignites our happiness

They are what we aim to live

I secretly come back to each of these life experiences

Help to ground me to what is truly important and live as my highest self

For all of the moments you practice being

Feel authentic happiness within you

Bring yourself to the beautiful place in life. For me that is the island of Nantucket. The environment that surrounds you to bring you to your true happy place.

When you are not in the state of happiness notice which one of these practices you need to return to.

Focus on one or all to reset what you currently seek to feel

Use this formula to feel happiness now:

Let Truth, Love, Appreciation & Gratitude illume how you live life.

1.) Live your Truth

Being truthful to yourself and others and how you live life

Truthful in your word and action

Truth as your integrity

what you tell yourself you believe

2.) Be Love

Be love in the thoughts you hold in actions from within and with others. Be love in the thoughts that you hold within and to others. Where your focus goes your energy will flow.

Live within with love and kindness

Calibrating your energy at a higher level

Love is what is expressed as positivism

3.) Appreciation & Gratitude

Appreciate the little things in life. When you have appreciation and gratitude you cannot be angry or resent it simply cannot exist it is one or the other. Show your appreciation and gratitude to those that surround you. When you provide gratitude to those that surround you, they feel appreciated, and happiness is discovered.

Embody Truth

Be Love

Have Appreciation & Gratitude

Be the best version of YOU!

Join us.

Ack Professional

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