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Join in a Fall Leave Stress Release

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Dealing with Stress in your life? Your leadership?

As I look out the window of my office. Viewing the beautiful fall foliage red, orange, yellow, and green releasing into the air from the trees its reminding me of my Fall Leave Stress Release exercise that I provide to my clients. Believing now is the time to give you a little insight.

With all the uncertainty that surrounds us in today’s world and the upcoming holiday season upon us many of us are allowing the stress that surrounds us to control us. Instead empower your mind to move forward through the stress and achieve the outcome you seek to achieve through the uncertainty. The best outcome for you.

Take a moment to join me in my Fall Leave Stress Release Exercise and release the stress that surrounds you. Click the audio below.

Sit, stand, or lye down in a position that is most comfortable for you at this time.

Close your eyes.

Envision the stream a water passing you by. As you envision the stream envision the beautiful fall foliage on the trees and the wind blowing the leaves off the trees. Focus on the colors you see. Red, orange, yellow and green.

Grab a handful of leaves from your surroundings and hold them in your hand.

Now, allow the areas that are stressing you to enter your mind.

Focus on one area of the stress. Transition the stress from your minds eye to the leave.

Then take the leave and release it in the stream. Focus on the leave as it travels down the stream to the river. Letting it go.

For each area of stress that is consuming you today. Take a moment to do the steps above.

All the area of stress to enter your mind. Transition the stress from your mind to the leaf. Release the leaf into the stream of water and watch it travel down the river.

When you complete the exercise for each of the areas stressing you at this time.

Keep your eyes closed. Join me for three cleansing breaths.

Breath deeply in for 4 seconds, hold your breath then release for 4 seconds. Do this two more times.

Now open your eyes, return to me. How do you feel? Lighter? Less stressed?

Focus on the actions you need to take in the first area of stress. Remember where your focus goes the energy will flow.

Have an amazing day!

Move forward being the best version of you.

Schedule a Discovery Session and learn more of the many ways Ack Professional will empower you.

When we release the stress in our minds it allows us to focus on the actions we need to take to move forward and be the best version of ourselves. Understanding the uncertainty the stress us providing is temporary. Focus on what you have control of and move forward.

After you complete the exercise, comment below on how you feel. Go about your day.

Be the best version of YOU!

Ack Professional

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