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Leading Authentically to Success

Updated: Feb 22

Leading Authentically


Authenticity in leadership is:

Leadership in which leaders are genuine, self-aware, and transparent. An authentic leader is able to inspire loyalty and trust in their employees by consistently displaying who they really are as a person, and how they feel about the employees' performance. Authentic leadership is the single strongest predictor of an employee's job satisfaction. Being truthful and gaining trust in the individuals you manage. 

Employees generally don’t resign from a company but rather from the poor performance from leadership.


Leaders want to create a change in the environment:

In order to manage change you need to manage your environment. 

Scientists call this priming – cues in our environment affect how we perceive or interpret the information following. Priming the changes by way of what things mean to us and how much attention we require to give them, which changes our behavior.


Master steps for creating change that is lasting in your environment:

1.)                Connect to the individual(s).

2.)                Ge the power to influence a person or situation to achieve a particular outcome by understanding and appreciating their world.

3.)                Understand their limiting patterns or belief(s) what is holding them back.

4.)                Define the outcome to be achieved in a solvable term.

5.)                Access resources to empower the Indvidual(s).

6.)                Make the change approachable and not overly complicated.


Our top primary needs when leading change as a Leader are to provide growth and contribution towards the mission.


When we help others to be fulfilled, we as leaders are fulfilled.


Consistently giving to others in a way we wish to receive.


There are requirements in life that we all need to fulfill whether personally or professionally. 


You have within yourself the resources to feel completely fulfilled in all categories, in any situation, regardless of how others respond to you. 


Leaders provide certainty in any situation for it to follow though appropriately as we envisioned towards the mission. 


When something is not going as planned.


Ask yourself what it is that you would like to change in this situation.  What is the one thing that can be appreciated in the situation right now?


When will making this change provide to our environment the organization or company we lead.


How will you feel as a leader when this change is implemented?

Be passionate about what you do and bring your best and those you lead will follow.


Move forward in developing the leadership authenticity you see.  Be the leader you see in the world and inspire change in others in your workforce.  Be the change you want to be.  Be the best version of you.


Thank you for joining me in this powerful session.  Now go about your day knowing where you are is just where you are supposed to be. 


Seeking to learn more on developing your leadership to influence your team to be their best?


Inspiring leaders to be their best professionally and personally.  Join me.  Be the best version of YOU!

Listen to the audio session below or join us on Aura






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