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The Importance of a Nighttime Routine for Success

Updated: Feb 20


 Creating a Nighttime Routine is just as Essential as the Morning for your Success. 


When creating a nighttime routine keep in mind it is just as essential as creating a morning routine to set your day up for success. 


Everyone understands the importance of a good night’s sleep, but do you know the things you do just before retiring to bed each evening can have an impact on your success the following day? 


We all can have challenges now and then with sleep, I myself will use Aura at times to listen to Deep Sleep meditations, it can be challenging to fall asleep when we are stressed, which is why it is important to create a routine to help reduce stress and increase our wellbeing for the following day before bed, waking up fully rested to be your best self the next morning. 

Research suggests the last thing you do before bed tends to have a significant impact on your energy and mood level the following day, as it often affects how well and how much you sleep.   

Research also shows that children who follow bedtime routines are more likely to go to sleep earlier, take less time falling asleep, sleep longer, and wake up less during the night. These benefits to sleep quality are still seen years later.  

 I know when following a nighttime routine which includes a definitive time to fall asleep it makes a significant impact in the quality of my sleep. 


The benefits of establishing a nighttime routine are: 

  • Having more restful and higher-quality sleep. 

  • Higher productivity through the day. 

  • Mind is sharper, and less foggy. 

  • Decreased stress and a sense of wellbeing. 


The health benefits of a good night sleep routine include: 

Increased immunity and getting sick less often.    

Maintaining a healthy weight. 

Lowers your risk for serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. 

Reduces stress and improves your mood. 

Clears mind and decision making. 

Increases mood for you to get along better with people throughout the day. 

But for those of us who are stressed, it can be difficult to fall asleep.  

There are strategies you can adopt to help yourself relax before bed. Good night routines are key for successful people, who depend on getting enough sleep to help them through their busy days.  

Many people will follow other people’s nighttime routines believing if they are successful that they can be to.  But do you know when creating a routine, it’s best for your individualized persons’ success and not for everyone else? 


Utilizing the strengths of another’s routine and focusing in on your needs and individualized goals will help you build the right strategy for you.    


10 steps successful people do in their nighttime routine:  


Reading (learning growth) 

Disconnect from Technology 

Detach from Work 

Create a goal list. 

Spend quality time with family.  

Quality time with loved ones 

They take a sunset stroll or nighttime walk  

Exercise to release stress before bed.  Yoga is my favorite. 

They reflect and celebrate what went well  

They meditate 

They have a set scheduled routine for sleep 

They decompress on the day 

Nighttime hygiene schedule 

They skip the wine. Wine and alcohol can take from a good nights rest.   


When determining the right night time routine for you.  


Ask yourself what the goal is.  Why do you want to have this nighttime routine?   


If the answer is to have a good night sleep… Why do you want a good night sleep?  What will having a good night sleep provide to you in your life in your success and in your happiness? 


Bring yourself to the time in your life when you were successful and full of energy and happiness.  What was your night routine like?  How much sleep did you need each evening? 


How much sleep do you require to feel refreshed?  Research suggests 7-9 hours of sleep is essential for each of us.  Anything over 9 may require further review from a physician to assure there are no concerns in your health or wellbeing.   


Once you determine the amount of hours let's say 8 then what time are you committing to going to bed each evening to get that 8 hours of sleep? 


What is holding you back from having that restful night sleep now?  Those are the areas you will want to focus on before you can move forward in creating the strategy.  For instance, if it is stress, what helps to de-stress you? 

Bring yourself to the exact moment.  Can you include this in your nighttime routine? 


Are you one that enjoys reading?  If so, is there an area you want to learn more or improve in that you can get literature on and read into before bed? 


Is there an activity you can do before bed to help you relax and winddown? Some people enjoy journaling about their day. 


Do you shower or bathe at night?  A cool shower has so many benefits to the body but should be done 90 minutes beforehand.  Warm baths help to sooth at night which can calm and relax you before bed. 


Are you taking the opportunity to acknowledge the areas that went well that day and the areas that require more improvement such as a project or outcome that did not work as planned.  What will you do the following day even better.   


Write each of the outcomes down. 


Once you determine the steps you need to take in a nighttime routine.  Ask yourself how much time each of these steps will take me each evening.  Then determine when you need to begin focusing on your nighttime routine before bed.   


Many people I work with are unsure what a nighttime routine looks like for them and what they need to bring out their best.  If you are seeking to understand more about you and the areas, you need to focus on to create the right nighttime routine for your success reach out to Ack Professional International.  We have experience to understand more deeply about you to empower you to create the right nighttime strategy for your success.   


Thank you for joining me in establishing this nighttime routine now go about your evening creating the right strategy for you.  


Be the best version of YOU! 

Listen to us on Aura Health or in our Audio version

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