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Take Back the Control in Your Life

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Are you Stressed?

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Only you keep the power to set goals and bring changes to your life without being influenced by anyone or anything. “You can influence, direct and control your own environment. But only you have control of your decisions and the emotions you bring to move forward.

Are you stressed feeling overwhelmed?

Uncertain about a particular area in your life and the outcome?

Possibly with all the chaos in today's world it has got you stressed. Work and family commitments?

When we lose control it sends signals of stress. That eventually breaks down our mental health and wellbeing.

When we are stressed at unhealthy levels it can have a severe impact on our sleep, mental health, moods and revert us to look for alternative means to release the stress. Stress can also build up in your body with unexplained aches and pains as well as muscle tension and stiffness. Especially in your neck area. Our immune system can be affected by chronic stress are you repeatedly getting sick during intense times of stress?

Response to stress is extremely personalized. Stress can be a good thing for people that thrive when the clock is ticking where they become more ambitious, driven and focused enjoying the pressure. Work-life balance is an important piece and stability of the “good” stress is a key part of that.

Take yourself to the exact situation when you feel the overwhelm and stress and are out of control. Take the opportunity to release the power it has on you.

What do you have control of in this situation you are experiencing?

Why let a situation you have no control have control over you? We have complete control of our thoughts and decisions. You can decide to allow it to have control or you or can decide to let go. Be happy or be unhappy. It's all within you.

We have no control of others' emotions or decisions.

In life when you lose control of what is most important to you, you feel less fulfilled.

At times this unfulfillment can lead to feelings of depression and unsatisfaction. Are there areas in your life that are not supporting you that you need to let go of?

During these times of disempowerment ask yourself.

What do I have control of in this situation?

What can I appreciate in this situation?

What can I do towards that control to take action on today?

In your life. What is most important to you?

What do you want to change in the situation that is within your control?

What steps do you need to take to make that change?

When do you want to make it happen?

Now outline the strategy with your answers.

Focus in these areas and move forward with the inner confidence to succeed.

Take control of your life. Your leadership allowing others to take control of theirs. When you show you are in control others will see the confidence you and want to do the same.

You cannot control what surrounds you, but you can control how you respond to it.

Questioning what areas you want to focus on in life to release the stress and be fulfilled in your life to be your best self. Schedule time for a discovery session directly on our website to review the many areas in life we all need to be fulfilled and understand more on the areas of your life that needs to be focused on.

Need to develop the strategy to your success. Schedule a strategy session or apply to one of our premier programs. Connect with me I will help to empower you to gain the success you see in the world. Maximizing your full potential.

Thank you for joining me in this session, now go about your day taking back the control in your life.

Be the best version of you!

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