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"Perfection vs. Reality: The True Cost of Striving for Perfection"

Updated: 7 days ago

We likely have all strived for it at one time or another in our lives, perfection. The need to ensure that we are perceived without any flaws or defects in ourselves, in our decisions and in our work ethic. Holding standards extremely high for yourself and those you lead. Your coworkers, your children, your family, your friends and those that surround you in life. Accepting nothing less.As a world-class coach many may believe I have a perfect life. That is not always the case. It’s being resilient in life to make it the one that is right for you. Setting high standards that are realistic. Holding true to oneself. Designing the life to one that is envisioned.

Listen to my latest talk on The Price Paid for Perfection by clicking the Grow Your Vision link in profile or by clicking the Aura link and listen to the audio.In life there is no such thing as perfect. If you know someone, please do share. We all would like to meet them. Remember you can’t go back in life, you can only move forward, learning from each experience, making it better the next time. As for failure, there is nothing final in life until we pass away.One of the biggest regrets in life when people pass on is they never took the time to complete the goals they intended in life and realized time was over. Don’t hold your standards so high that they are unreachable or for someone else’s approval to be perfect. Strive for your best without requiring perfection, it will lead you to your success.

Seeking to learn more on ways you can be an outstanding leader and live a more fulfilled life without the need for perfection, contact me, Michele Lee Occhipinti to develop the strategy that is right for you. I’ll be the guiding force to pull you through the storm to your success. Navigating the changes along the way.

Be the best version of you.

Ack Professional International

Join in the session and listen on Aura:

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