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Ways to Acknowledge Yourself to Be the Best Version of YOU

Acknowledge YOU & Give Your self credit.

Giving yourself credit does not mean avoiding responsibility when you feel you failed. It’s ultimately allowing yourself to grow and letting go, focusing on what went well and possibly what you could have done better. Cultivating a deep belief in yourself for the efforts you put in.

Ways you can begin to give yourself credit as an individual and a leader:

1. Own IT

Do you tend to not accept responsibility and blame others for your failures and mistakes? If you do, you may also have difficulty giving yourself credit. You cannot take ownership only for the good in your life and not the bad. Accept the responsibility whether good or bad for your own actions and decisions, and you will be ono the road to providing yourself the credit you deserve.


If you have difficulties giving yourself credit, you may need to let go of what is holding you back in the past. Instead of holding onto your past mistakes or feeling anxious about missed goals and opportunities, be present in the moment.

I like to recommend to each of my clients to take a few moments to practice gratitude for whatever it is you are feeling, and realize that you’re doing the best that you can with what you’ve been provided. Acknowledge yourself for taking the initiative and give yourself credit. This will stop feelings of guilt and allow you to focus more on what you have control of giving yourself credit.

3. LOOK INSIDE Yourself

As individuals we hold an inherent need for belonging and connection with others and many times want to be accepted. Often times we look outside of ourselves for the admiration. Many times basing our self worth on what others notice and their opinions. If you are not giving yourself the credit you deserve first, you will never feel that others approve of you. It starts internally with you holding the high level of integrity.

4. What are your disempowering beliefs

The next time something does not go as planned take a moment to write it down. Then at that moment write down what your beliefs were of yourself and what you were focused on? Check in with yourself at that moment. Chances are, you are not giving yourself the credit you deserve. Likely blaming yourself or playing victim that you are not deserving of the success. These are the disempowering beliefs that hold you back.

The next time you notice negative reactions, replace it with an empowering one providing words of encouragement giving yourself the credit you deserve, even for small things.

This stands tall toward building your self esteem, confidence and integrity.


When we take a moment to celebrate our goals and accomplishments, our brains release dopamine and serotonin. Things that feel good or pleasurable it motivates you to complete the task. Rewarding us for our achievements and makes us want to achieve even more. Take a moment to appreciate each step you take along the way towards your goals, no matter how small. Stop and reward yourself for completing them. Celebrate your successes and keep pushing forward being the best version of you. Do something you do not normally do to appreciate the efforts you put in and rejuvenate yourself such as treating yourself to a relaxing massage. Whatever it is you enjoy.

6. JOURNAL YOUR Progress

A journal is a great place to focus and begin giving yourself credit. Compile a list of all of your accomplishments, no matter how small. What you did well that day? What you are truly proud of? Give yourself the credit you deserve for taking the control.

Did you help someone in need or provide a helping hand to a work colleague that needed your support? Give yourself credit for showing up and being an outstanding coworker.

When you reach your exercise goals, write it down! Nothing like running 20 miles and not taking a moment to appreciate the success. What it does to your mind and soul to take a moment to write it down. Your mind will thank you later.

Journaling is a great way to help you focus on what you have achieved allowing your mind to stay positive and move forward with the remainder of the task prioritizing accordingly.


Just like they say you are what you eat. So the saying goes you are who you are surrounded and associated with. Are those that surround you truly lifting you up to achieve your greatness or holding you back?

Many times people do not give themselves credit because those that surround them are always looking for the negatives in life. Which eventually will trickle down and contribute to your self esteem and confidence.

If those that surround you are not lifting you up to be a better version of yourself you may need to raise your standards and start surrounding yourself with people who support you and celebrate your accomplishments along with you, to be the best version of you.


Move forward the most efficient and effective way to assure the greatest outcome for you, the best way you can and be in line with who you truly are following your values, beliefs, unique style and purpose, your integrity.

There are so many ways you can appreciate and acknowledge yourself for completing the goals you set to achieve. What are the many ways you take to acknowledge yourself and give credit when credit is due? Feeling free to comment below.

Looking for more ways for you to complete the goals you seek to achieve the most efficiently and live life in integrity to be the best version of you. Schedule a Discovery Session using the link below.

Take a moment to appreciate your greatness. Be the professional of your life. Join us.

Ack Professional

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