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Maximize Your Energy for Time

Most of us respond to rising demands in our life and career by putting in longer hours, which inevitably will take a toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally. That eventually leads to declining levels of engagement, lower efficiency, higher turnover rates, and increasing medical costs in the workforce. Executives tell us they are pushing themselves harder than ever to keep up with the increase in demand and feel they are at a breaking point.

When our executive clients come to us for experience their expectations are high. Ours are higher.

Assuring each of us is functioning at our peak performance is essential to our success. When each of us are our peak performance. We are the most efficient in our time in life both professionally and personally. Creating the work / life balance we need to be successful.

It’s not uncommon for executives to come to us at the burnt out stage. The problem with working longer hours is that time is one thing. Energy is another.

Energy derives from the body, its emotions, mind and spirit. When our energy is expanded to be renewed regularly by following a routine for your own success and making it an everyday ritual or routine then you work at your peak allowing your mind, body and spirit to do the same.

Efficiency arises when you place time and efforts into the energy needed to sustain in you and within your workforce. Organizations need to invest more into the employee’s wellbeing in today’s world even when working remotely then to make them work longer but rather work most efficiently to shift emphasis from time to energy.

Begin empowering your peak performance by creating everyday rituals to sustain your energy then you can transform your life. Focusing in on what is most essential and assuring the needs are met each day. Being the best version of you.

Ways you can begin your daily routine to exchange energy for time in your day:

1.) Set the time of day you arise to the time you go to bed each evening. Sleep is essential to your mood, energy, and focus each day. 7-8 hours.

2.) Focus on healthy organic eating habits that provide the essentials for energy that you need to succeed. Give your body the nutrients it needs.

3.) Exercise at least 30-45 minutes 4-5x a week. Letting the endorphins flow. If you cannot manage this at first begin with 15-20 minute of walking.

4.) Meditate each day whichever way works best for you. Gratitude and Appreciation go a long way to sustain your day.

5.) Take breaks throughout the day for renewal. Walks, runs what works for you. Step away from the office space.

6.) Connect with those that are successful in your line of business. Proximity is power.

7.) Accept the journey knowing its yours. Own it!

Larger organizations invest more on developing the skills, competence and knowledge an employee needs to succeed. Few build on sustaining the energy for better performance. Creating a greater capacity for energy provides the possibility to get more done effectively with more engagement and sustainability.

Read Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time ( and a Wachovia study on How Energy Renewal Programs Boosted Productivity at Wachovia.

participants how the program influenced them personally. Sixty-eight percent reported that it had a positive impact on their relationships with clients and customers. Seventy-one percent said that it had a noticeable or substantial positive impact on their productivity and performance.

Evaluating and providing the essentials you need to succeed. Focusing in on inadequate nutrition, exercise, sleep, and the ways you need to reset and recharge your mind and body as these diminish a persons basic energy levels.

Taking control of what you have control of during your day your emotions. By controlling your emotions you can control you are improving the quality of your energy, regardless of the stress that is surrounding you. Focus on how you feel and where areas in the day that that you are loosing the control. You will notice you tend to perform at your best when you are provided with positive energy. Often times leaders are noticing they are unable to lead effectively when they are not in the right mindset. When executives learn what is triggering them to spiral into a negative downturn it is then they can take control to master their reactions. Not allowing the stress to overwhelm you but yet to change your mind to one that will empower you.

I will often recommend to my clients to begin their day with 2 full 8oz glasses of water. This helps the body by beginning the day fully hydrated after a good nights sleep our body's can become dehydrated.

If you drink caffeine, alcohol or smoke to burn off the stress you need to find ways to empower your energy not diminish it seeking healthier alternatives for your health and vitality for the long run. Understanding more on what motivates you and your workforce and transitioning into ways that will motivate based on individual needs is essential to overall success in life.

Many individuals even on the executive level don’t focus on practicing ways to sustain the peak performance within them practicing consistent healthy habits with all the demands that confront them each day.

Outline the strategy to renew physical energy each day and constantly be at your peak performance.

What do you do each day to maximize your energy for time efficiency?

Be the best version of you.

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