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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness Month is amongst us recognized in the United States every year since 1949. The purpose is to help eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness by raising awareness of mental health conditions and those who have suffered from them.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It effects how we think, feel and act. It also helps to determine how we handle stress, relate to others and make healthy choices and is important at every stage of our lives.

One of the reasons our Founder sought to become a coach was to move people forward in the lives they envisioned following their true integrity, after she witnessed family members struggle with mental health through addiction, sadly her sister passed away from struggling with the dreadful disease over eleven years ago. At the time she was working in the executive offices of a well-known healthcare system while also attending college to become a psychologist with the belief if she understood more regarding addiction and its causes that she would be able to help those struggling. She speaks openly about this experience “as back then so little was discussed about addiction and as we know today there is no treatment that provides a cure. The systems in place at that time had little to no support for the families that struggled with those dealing with addiction. The treatment centers rarely provided certainty that those that sought treatment would continue their sobriety. The bias felt with little understanding was difficult to endure. Today we have come so far in the fight to cure this dreadful disease called addiction and understanding how extremely important our mental health is. For years I could not understand why life was so rough for some people that sought alternatives to deal with life. When Life is so beautiful and an absolute gift to me and I appreciated every moment. I have always viewed life differently positively. It's one of my greatest traits that has helped me even under the most difficult of times. As we have learned from the experiences of addiction and mental health it has provided greater opportunities for our future. Constantly improving in how we seek to recover and find the cure that’s right for the individual. Believing in yourself in this life is key. Having a high level of self-love and respect with a positive mindset in and moving forward in the life you envision, understanding what one needs to achieve. Basically, it is all in the mindset”.

Later learning about coaching and the results it achieved to individuals moving them forward in life. She worked over two and half decades in corporate world alongside executives some for the world's top pharmaceutical company understanding more on addiction and the functionality of pharmaceuticals to later following my own integrity and passion through Ack Professional and to what I she sought to contribute to the world and here she is today empowering others to achieve their goals in life and leadership to take control in their lives to live the life they envision. You see it is up to each and every one of us. She is not only a mindset coach that achieves results with their clients but also a recovery coach establishing the right strategies for those dealing with addiction and a recovery coach, in addition to a business results trainer, executive leadership coach and of course a life coach. Designing the life, they envision and empowering them to make it happen. She truly feels empowered when he clients receive the results they seek. Its heartfelt.


Having so much more to give in this journey this is just part of the life she envisioned. HHS National Tour to Strengthen Mental Health has addressed the mental health challenges that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, including substance use, youth mental health, and suicide.

For Substance use disorder and overdose prevention. The crisis of addiction and overdose in the United States is a rapidly evolving and an urgent public health emergency. Overdose deaths were rising prior to the pandemic with more than 100,000 overdose deaths as of today from the pandemic.

For those struggling. Here are a few ways to open your mindset and boost your mental health:

1.) Celebrate your achievements each day. The things that went well and track them by writing in a journal. By celebrating even the small accomplishments it opens your mind to the endorphins it releases. Providing greater opportunity for the future. As drugs provide a different type of endorphins it about creating a healthier alternative to the feeling one feels when they take the drug.

2.) Laugh often making it a must several times a day. This also releases endorphins in your mind the good feeling.

3.) Disconnect from social media and focus on ways you feel whole and grounded. What makes YOU feel good. Take the time each day and prioritize to make it happen. Self love is a must.

4.) Surround yourself with people that care and bring you up in life. Let the naysayers go. They do not have your best interests in mind. Those that support your journey will stand tall.

5.) Get out and enjoy nature. Places your feel directly in the grass and become grounded. It takes 20-30 minutes each day to become grounded by placing your bare feet in the grass releasing good feelings for you to feel yourself.

6.) Journal. Journal the areas that went well and also ask yourself of the items that did not go as planned what you would do differently next time.

7.) Meditate. Mediation provides an array of benefits to connect with one self. Begin with a gratitude mediation and self love. Take care of you.

8.) Understand your purpose your why. When you truly understand who you are and what you are here for life you have a purpose for life each day.

For the month of May we would like to empower those that are struggling with addiction and mental illness to get the help they deserve and not let the illness overcome them but to take control and live the life they envision by sponsoring the Blooming Bids for Nantucket Kids by Fairwinds Nantucket we also will donate 20% of all new client proceeds till June 1, 2022 to Fairwinds to help those with their mental health.

What do you need to show up being your best each and every day?

Apply to our Design the Life Program YOU Envision Program. Applications being accepted. Limited availability.

If you or someone you know is in need of help whether that is depression or addiction support them by seeking the help they need in their journey by reaching out to those that can help them overcome.

By contributing to the greater good and helping others succeed in life it lights up my heart.

Be the best version of you!

Ack Professional

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