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No Stranger to The Great Resignation

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The Great Resignation

In the US, COVID-19 has led to what's been called the Great Resignation where millions of people, from frontline workers to senior executives, voluntarily call it quits on their jobs. According to research more than 40 per cent of the global workforce are considering leaving their employers this year. In the UK approximately one in four workers are planning a transition in their career.

As peak performance leadership and life strategist working with people worldwide. I am no stranger to The Great Resignation. When working directly with my clients they understand their purpose and who they truly are when making the appropriate decisions in their lives to assure it is in their best interest and they are following what is essential to them in life, their true values and beliefs, their integrity. Outlining the strategies to their success. Those that understand their purpose truly know what they need to follow when the opportunity presents itself.

Resigning from the world’s top pharmaceutical company myself prior to COVID to follow my integrity and align with my contribution to the world and here I am today now considered one of the top 1% of coaches worldwide. When you truly understand your purpose, its aligning yourself to that purpose to make it happen, you will see that our goals align as well to what you seek to achieve which provides the ultimate fulfillment in life. Your not running circle with your goals you have a clear path. We all have a short time here on earth you want to make it the best. COVID has made us reprioritize what is important to us in our lives.

Trough the Great Resignation Americans are leaving their jobs in hordes.

In August over 4 million people quit their jobs. While many left the workforce entirely, job satisfaction and better pay are top concerns for others.

Employees are not just looking for higher pay, more time off, or more days at home (though those things would surely help in the short term). They're questioning the whole meaning of the daily grind. What is essential to them in their lives.

Many questioning why they put so much of themselves into their careers and if all the stress and headache are worth our time and eventually life that we provide to our careers.

Life is all about what you contribute to the world. Following your true purpose. Leading your life and leadership with true integrity.

CEO's who want to retain purpose driven employees understand that the purpose of an organization is not all about them & their legacy. It’s about the role the organization plays within the world.

As leaders you can take control in your organization. An article published in the Harvard Business Journals “Who is Driving the Great Resignation” outlines a few examples:

What can leaders do to retain their employers:

1.) Understand what motivates their employees. Their values and beliefs. Their goals. By connecting with them authentically and providing a solution to help them align with the services they provide in your organization to obtain the next step they see in life, beginning to design a strategy for their success. When their purpose is aligned with the mission its essential for them to work above the call of duty providing outstanding work.

2.) Before you can determine the causes of turnover at your organization, it’s critical to quantify its impact. Begin by calculating your retention rate using the following formula:

Number of Separations per Year ÷ Average Total Number of Employees = Turnover Rate

You can also use these similar formulas to identify how much of your turnover is coming from voluntary resignations vs from layoffs or firings. This will help you gain visibility around exactly where your retention problem is coming from.

Then, determine the impact of resignations on key business metrics. When employees leave an organization, remaining teams often find themselves without key skillsets or resources, which can negatively impact the quality of work and efficiency to bottom-line.

So, what does the realignment of the workforce mean for employees and their businesses? And what steps should you take before quitting your job?

Ask yourself:

What is most essential to you in your life?

What is your contribution to the world?

Are you in line with what you see in life, your values and beliefs and completely fulfilled where you are?

If you are one of the many considering The Great Resignation, I suggest getting in for a complimentary discovery session with us.

Take control of your life. Your leadership. Designing the life you envision.

Be the best version of you.

Ack Professional

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