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Ways Great Leaders Can Inspire Anyone

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

We all have different personalities, wants, needs & beliefs and that means we all have different things that motivate us to make it happen. We are complex as human beings. Our genetics, upbringing and experience all contribute to make each one of us unique. It is what makes life interesting – and it is also what makes it to be challenging when motivating others.

Wondering how you can inspire and motivate the people that surround you? Great leaders are created not born with the experience and can learn how to develop the skills that will allow you to inspire others – and encourage them to go above and beyond achieving more.

Live your values. The greatest leaders follow their values. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Oprah Winfrey built an empire on positivity and celebrating the successes of others.

All great leaders are fueled by their own beliefs within themselves. They knew what they want and focus on a strategy to set out to achieve it. When you discover your passion in life and let it fuel you, motivating others comes more naturally because they will be attracted to your passion and be inspired. Follow your integrity as a leader.

Listen carefully. You will never be able to inspire others to action if you are talking all the time. Listening is essential. It shows that you’re interested in what others have to say and you care. It also allows you to uncover their passions, which you can use to motivate them.

When meeting with others, put your phone away and give the person your full attention. Provide the deepest listening. Maintain good eye contact and mirror their actions and words to make them feel safe and understood. Providing both verbal and nonverbal feedback. You cannot learn how to motivate others until you learn how to be a good listener.

Better Questions. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” Giving the right feedback is just as important as deep listening. When you ask the proper questions, you will be able to create a connection and uncover the persons visions and aspirations and ultimately figure out what motivates them.

Connect by asking their plans over the weekend plans or family/ friends. Possibly they volunteer or play sports or enjoy a good read. By asking these questions you can understand more on what motivates them and their extracurricular activities and hobbies reveal their compassion, competitiveness and desire to learn more, as a leader you can leverage these traits to inspire others.

Adapt your style of leadership. Motivating others is about adapting your style of leadership to fit different personalities and communication.

But you must start with determining your natural leadership style. Complete our leadership assessment to see what type of leader you are. Then after our discovery call you will receive a full disc assessment to complete and work on building up your areas of weakness. When you can adapt your leadership style, you will discover how to motivate others with confidence.

Set your intentions. Outline your goals. Assign responsibility to those you trust is key to motivating others. It shows that you trust them and believe they have the skills to get the job done – and that in turn makes them want to live up to your expectations. Provide effective outlining your expectations to make sure you get the result you want.

When people are trusted and achieving goals, they gain confidence. When they gain confidence, they begin to believe in themselves and are inspired to achieve even more. Great leaders are the catalyst that sparks the passion from within. Motivating their team to go above the call of duty.

Ultimately, inspiring others to become leaders themselves, passing the flame along to help even more people be inspired by the leadership provided.

There are many ways to inspire and motivate your team to go above and beyond. The finest leaders are those that inspire their employees to work hard and work well for the organization they represent. They also bring this into their personal life. The difference between the average and an outstanding one is a one that inspires those that surround them to complete a broader mission.

Want to inspire and motivate greatness in your team to go above and beyond? Being the leader you envision. Schedule a virtual discovery session with Ack Professional.

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